About RS Rush

RS RUSH Transfer Xpress INC  provides transportation, warehousing, distributing, and logistics needs that range from small parcels shipments to ocean container haulage. RS RUSH is a Canada Customs and US bonded carrier.

Armed with the vast knowledge of the trucking and logistics regulations and 20+ years of experience, we guarantee to provide an outstanding  service that will be beneficial to the growth and success of  all our network of partners.

" RS RUSH TRANSFER XPRESS INC's commitment to the constant pursuit of customer satisfaction, continual improvement, maintaining an environment of success based on honesty and integrity, and our commitment to comply with all the requirements of proactive way to security, the environment, legal and regulatory requirements is the basis of our success. We always strive to achieve and we constantly exceed the expectations of our customers. "

Our Mission

  • To implement innovative and reliable ways to handle transportation and logistics needs
  • To take pride in surpassing our clients’ expectations of our service at all times
  • To be pro-active in resolving problems and challenges while still maintaining a superior level of service.
  • To undestand the current and future needs of our customers through on-going engagement and dialogue.
  • To ensure that those interfacing with customers are knowledgeable and effective in quickly providing transport solutions.
  • To ensure that our employees are provided with resources and management support to meet our customers' requirements and providing relevant trainings to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • To create and maintain a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and to promote individual growth and equality 
  • To support the conservation of the environment and to comply with all the regulatory and legal requirements.


Our Locations

100 +
Owned Vehicles